Network Design Solution (LAN / WAN / SAN)

Exponent Solutions (Pvt) Ltd. has been providing design, installation and integration services to its clients. We have designed and implemented various networks including complex and challenging ones. Our team of IT professionals can help you build a new network or redesign an existing one. Exponent Solutions has the technical expertise to exceed your expectations while keeping your project under budget and on time using best practices.

Exponent Solution’s Design Services Team will assess your network and analyze issues before suggesting a solution. Our Expert engineering team will then determine the optimal network infrastructure for your business with the speed, convenience and security you expect. Our unique project control-oriented methodology ensures that your network infrastructure is secure, reliable and is able to grow with your needs. Moreover, we will advise you on newer networking technologies so that you can plan for the future. Exponent Solutions (Pvt) Ltd. will design the entire network while making recommendations for hardware, software and components ensuring that all your goals are met.
We do not sell hardware or equipment or are reseller of any services on behalf of any network service provider so we are unbiased in our recommendation of equipment manufacturers, sellers or network providers. We do what is the best for our customer.


Exponent Solutions (Pvt) Ltd. has been providing the highest quality low-voltage Commercial / Industrial installations of CAT7, CAT6A, CAT6, CAT5E, Multi Pair Riser, Coax and Fiber-Optic cabling systems and solutions in today's industry. We have been doing so by implementing only the latest techniques while always adhering to the most current installation Codes & Standards.

The installation of our state-of-the -art copper structured cabling systems ensure network performance, flexibility and infrastructure growth capabilities. Did you know that each year, more and more network applications are running over copper cabling?

Contact Exponent Solutions (Pvt) Ltd. today to learn more about your next copper installation.


Point – to – Point / Point – to – Multipoint Wireless Links - Exponent Solutions (Pvt) Ltd. delivers the most efficient and secure Wi-Fi, Point to Point & Point to Multipoint network, a network able to support hundreds of subscriber units with no impact on the throughput. This exceptional performance, combined with the most sophisticated wireless QoS and service options, enables the Wireless Internet Service Provider to deliver critical business services and residential services using a single wireless network infrastructure with complete manageability.

Managed Wi-Fi Networks
Exponent Solutions (Pvt) Ltd. offers a comprehensive solution set for wireless networking, including both light and heavy AP solutions as well as full-featured management platforms for single or multi-vendor environments.
In addition to consulting on the best solution type or mixture for your needs, Exponent Solutions also offers, wireless management software and site surveys and implementation from small to medium sized projects to full enterprise wireless projects.
Exponent Solutions offers a single, scalable, turnkey wireless solution that provides security and reliability with the industry’s most advanced WLAN solutions. Avoid unnecessary costs, deployment delays, and tedious learning curves with our complete end-to-end WLAN solutions.


“Exponent Solutions (Pvt) Ltd. is considered by IT professionals nationwide as one of the most knowledgeable & skilled fiber optic installation cabling companies in the structured cabling industry today.”
Fiber optic data cabling allows communication signals to be transmitted much faster, at a higher bandwidth and over much greater distances. Fiber optic cabling is also impervious to interference, with a much lower transmission loss resulting in a more robust solution especially when it come to your network infrastructure backbone and riser system cabling.

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